Anya Nadezhdina

“When your confident….. you can experiment and be brave with ideas about hair”.

Anya has been doing hair for over 5 years. Working closely with the AKS team as well as regularly taking classes with A,K &S, Phyto Artists and L’Oreal Professional Artists, Anya has built upon her repertoire of skills and developed her own signature style. She combines the best elements and invents new styles and updos! Anya can do anything from classy and clean cuts to edgy and modern. 

Anya believes hair has a huge power in a persons look and life. It is your beauty and your confidence. With Anya’s passion to do hair she will help you to take your look to a new level and make a difference. Anya believes that there is something very special in making people feel beautiful. That’s her main goal when she has a client in her chair. Each and every person is important and matters.

In addition, Anya has a talent for styling wigs. She wears them herself and so knows firsthand the needs  of her wig clientele. She understands that there are various reasons wigs are worn and thereby customizes each accordingly. Go to the Salon AKS Services page for more information on wigs. 

Watch Anya teach you to create your own Mohawk Buns (shown above):

Watch Anya create the Side Swept Braid using extensions (shown above):

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