Caring for Short vs. Long Hair

Short Hair vs. Long Hair….Which is easier to care for?
There is no simple or right answer for any one individual.
Generally speaking, short hair requires more frequent haircuts to maintain. With the right haircut, it is super simple to maintain on a day to day basis.
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Longer hair usually only requires 4 haircuts a year (every 3 months), making it super cheap and low maintenance, right? Not really. It requires more effort in your day to day styling and because the density and length exceeds that of short hair, you spend more money on styling products, masks, shampoo & conditioners than your short hair counterparts.
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The real questions to ask yourself are:
  • Is my hair coarse?
  • If I don’t use a brush on it, is it disastrous?
  • Does it shrink in humidity?
  • Am I willing to use products in my hair?
  • Am I willing to get at least a partial keratin treatment in order to control hard to manage areas (cowlick; frizzy temples, etc)
  • Which hairstyle makes me feel sexy?
  • Is my hair always in a ponytail?
  • Do I hide behind my hair?
  • Do I only get it cut 1x a year?
  • Am I willing to spend money on quality ingredients?
Answer these questions with your hairstylist to discover if you are a long or short haired girl.

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