SUMMER, SUN, and FUN!!!! By Ryan Slowey

Okay so it’s that time again SUMMER, SUN, and FUN!!!!
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As a hair colorist I have many clients that over expose their hair to the sun. Your hair and scalp are just like the skin on the rest of your body and need to be protected. Hair color is always oxidizing-due to air, heat, light, and styling. That said, there are a few things that can help slow down the process and keep your hair looking heathy and shiny for the summer season.  Here are a few of our favorite Phyto Products…
What it is/ why I love it: A luxurious oil that imparts shine while protecting hair against sun damage and other elements.  Anti-salt, Anti-chlorine with olive wax.
How to use it: Spray on dry or damp hair before and during sun/chlorine exposure. Reapply after swimming.
What it is/ why I love it: Hair and body regain suppleness and shine, leaving strands silky after use. A must to have if your hitting up the Hamptons for the weekend!!! Anti-salt, Anti-chlorine with bamboo marrow.
How to use it:  Apply to wet hair and body, work into later. Rinse thoroughly.
What it is/ why I love it:  A lightweight spray that leaves a natural transparent finish to protect the hair against dehydration and damage from the sun, salt, and chlorine. It also preserve hair color radiance with a natural UV filter. Anti-salt and anti-chlorine using sunflower extract.
How to use it: Spray onto dry or damp hair before and during sun exposure. Reapply after swimming.
The most important thing is to live life and enjoy the summer season.  A good colorist can fix almost anything!!!!
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Don’t Be A Slave…! by Ryan Slowey

I love creating beautiful, bright, vibrant, colors for my clients. I don’t like creating SLAVES to the salon. Here are few great tips on how to extend your color at home:

1. Wait at least 48 hours after your most recent shampoo to have your hair colored. Natural oils on your scalp help the color adhere to your hair.
2. Wait at least 48 hours after getting your hair colored to shampoo!! This allows time for the color to completely penetrate the hair and for the cuticle to rest
3. Don’t shampoo your hair more than you have to. Use a dry shampoo at the back of your nape or around your hairline to freshen up your look. When you do shampoo, select one thats gentle and hydrating. And always condition thoroughly.  HYDRATION is key!!!
4. Try to avoid exposing your hair to the sun. By all means please enjoy the summer season but try wearing a hat or a UV hair protector.

-Ryan, Colorist at AKS

Ryan Slowey

While pursuing his bachelors degree at Marywood University, Ryan decided to find true happiness and follow his passion into the hair and beauty Industry. Ryan discovered this would also marry together his love for hair and for taking care of people.
Ryan spent the first three years as a stylist, creating award-winning looks. Always thirsty for knowledge and eager to build upon his skill set, Ryan moved to NYC. He became an apprentice to some of the top colorists  in New York City. He has mastered how to create strong rich brunettes, shiny mysterious auburns, and illuminating blondes that pop! Ryan’s worked on Vogue photo shoots and National L’Oreal Ads to name a few things. He loves making his clients feel great and giving them an amazing look.  Ryan is versatile, creative and an all around talented artisan.
“It’s easy, I love what I do” -Ryan

Watch Ryan at work!: