Damage Control by S.W.

So the girls and I just made a mad dash from The Hamptons back to the city after making one of a bridesmaid’s biggest mistakes! Four FULL days in the sun? Less than a week before our girlfriend’s wedding?! Okay so we needed a break! BIG mistake and shame on us, but thankfully I have my stylist on speed dial! (Hey! Every New York woman should have a personal 911 for beauty emergencies!) She said the best way to repair our hair wasn’t to have it done when she comes to style us for the wedding, but come to the salon for quick and easy salon rehab! 
Alright ladies – our stylists sat us down for an intervention – school is in session and it’s time for damage control
After completely screwing up my spring do this summer, getting back on track wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated! As we all know, I am a loyal client at Salon AKS, and the team really pulled their weight in this disaster. It’s not brain surgery, its TREATMENTS! We don’t have to do the thinking – scientists do it for us! 
Salon AKS has pulled back the curtain on revolutionary damaged hair treatments that have been scientifically proven effective for repairing hair breakage and dryness; Reverse the effects your beach bum summer has had on your hair. 
After having my hair treated at Salon AKS my locks are back to being bold, beautiful and brilliant! With these fabulous treatments there’s a little something for everyone, every hair texture and every style. Don’t let this summer’s greatest memories on the beach ruin your return to the city this Fall.  Salon AKS is bringing us back to reality with a slue of new fall looks and styles that you’ll want those locks healthy and ready for!


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