Don’t Be A Slave…! by Ryan Slowey

I love creating beautiful, bright, vibrant, colors for my clients. I don’t like creating SLAVES to the salon. Here are few great tips on how to extend your color at home:

1. Wait at least 48 hours after your most recent shampoo to have your hair colored. Natural oils on your scalp help the color adhere to your hair.
2. Wait at least 48 hours after getting your hair colored to shampoo!! This allows time for the color to completely penetrate the hair and for the cuticle to rest
3. Don’t shampoo your hair more than you have to. Use a dry shampoo at the back of your nape or around your hairline to freshen up your look. When you do shampoo, select one thats gentle and hydrating. And always condition thoroughly.  HYDRATION is key!!!
4. Try to avoid exposing your hair to the sun. By all means please enjoy the summer season but try wearing a hat or a UV hair protector.

-Ryan, Colorist at AKS

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