Help! What do I do with my frizzy, dry, curly hair?!

Good nutrition and scalp circulation are vital to healthy hair as is using professional grade products that are pH balanced for your hair. Yes, they are more expensive but they are also more concentrated, thereby lasting you longer. Invest in products that will bring hydration and elasticity back to your hair.  My first recommendation would be to use an ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner that has keratin in it to smooth the cuticle layer. We love: and

When it comes to styling products, look for products that are anti-humectants as well as hydrating. You want to apply product as soon as you are out of the shower. Lightly towel dry and then apply (you don’t want it dripping wet but you also don’t want to give your hair the opportunity to dry before you get the product in). For hydration, start with a leave in conditioner: For no frizz, shiny texture, use 3-4 drops of: Start with three pumps and work the serum in your hands. Then use your fingers like a comb to distribute the product from  mid-length to the ends evenly throughout the hair, lastly use what is left on your hands for the hairline and roots. Next apply a curl control cream, my favorite is MoroccanOil’s Curl Defining Cream. Apply in the same way that you did the serum. You may need more at your roots for better hold and frizz control. These products are awesome! They help control the frizz and maintain your curl without making your hair crunchy or left looking wet.

Once the product is in you can leave it to air dry. You could also twist larger sections, away from your face and air dry. Then break up the sections once it is dry. You can use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer that disperses the air and dries your hair with less disruption.

If your hair is really curly and you want a more relaxed curl you could get a Brazilian Blow Out, this treatment helps manage frizz and tames your curls but does not completely straighten the hair. It also makes your hair easier to blow dry smooth or straight. A keratin will also relax your curl but leave your hair on the straighter side and it is a lot easier to blow dry straight.

Please reference the article on Symptoms of a Curly Girl on the AKS website for more tips on styling.

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