Hot Summer Hair

Are you ready to push it to the limit? Let’s blast off this season’s biggest looks in beauty by saying “Less is more” and actually mean it! The euphoria of leaving the salon doesn’t have to disappear when you twist and tangle your locks trying to replicate that gorgeous look we give you in the salon. Bigger is better? Please – We’re not in Texas! At Salon AKS, we’re dedicated to bringing out natural beauty, saving you time and turmoil and keeping you healthy with a dynamic and dimensional look that will last all summer long. It’s the middle of summer, who isn’t at the beach? Relaxing days in the sun? YES! Showing off that sexy new bikini? Perhaps. Cocktails? Of course! However, we’re only human, and once we get in that water it’s “Goodbye hair and makeup” and “Hello DISASTER!” A lot of women struggle with this, so we’d love to share a few tips to saving your look. 

An obvious, yet frequently overlooked component is the eyebrow. We wear little to no makeup at the beach, which make us vulnerable to our flaws. An important element on every woman’s summer checklist is a flawless eyebrow! Minimum eyebrow shaping with MAXIMUM results! We need full eyebrows that keep us looking groomed (Even when we’re secretly not…….Shhhh!) All those summer ponytails leave our faces completely exposed. 

Aida at Salon AKS may be the secret you need to expose your summer look without having to run to the closest mirror to make sure you’re looking fabulous. Make an appointment and learn the techniques to keeping a perfectly shaped look that lasts. She’s Fifth Avenue’s newest addiction so jump in and join the new Boss of Brows!

Let’s talk hair. Summer is a colorist’s worst nightmare. Chlorine + sun + salt water. Great for our spirit; terrible for our hair. If you’re going to spend the time and money on gorgeous color, you should go the distance and protect what you’ve purchased. Think of this as insurance for your hair.

Phyto as a brand has been consistently helpful in these situations. Phyto Plage, which is part of the Phyto line, is specifically designed to protect your hair from sun damage. Five times longer than your leading product and it won’t double-cross you! Phyto Plage Protective Beach Spray (for fine to regular hair) and Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil (for regular to coarse hair) are 2 products we strongly recommend to fight off sun, wind, salt, and chlorine. For those of you who are blessed with a natural wave or curl, flip your head upside-down and ‘scrunch’ in the Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil evenly throughout the hair. It will enhance the curl, leaving a smoother more polished look. If you want your hair to remain looking fabulous in the fall, you’ll play it safe in the summer! 

Every New York woman knows it’s important to look fabulous. At Salon AKS let us make your new summer look be love at first sight. Let’s celebrate your locks by saying “Goodbye” to your old regiment and “Hello” to the new you! Hope this helps, and we hope to see you all soon!

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