Izabela Dziak

For over a decade Izabela has journeyed as a colorist to acquire the expertise towards becoming one of NYC’s premiere colorists. Having first begun her career overseas under the watchful eye of European instruction she created a strong foundation for developing her own technique while collaborating her teachings in top New York salons, especially Salon A.K.S.

What separates Izabela from many other colorists is her commitment to thoroughly servicing the client. You can often hear clients expressing their gratitude not only for their amazing color but also for her absolute attentiveness. Having been exposed to an array of experts throughout NYC she has accumulated the talent of many. Izabela prefers to be known as a color specialist having created beautiful blondes, mystifying brunettes, and radiant reds.

As a NYC mother and professional multi-tasker Izabela can handle any situation. She can always be counted on to service one more client even on her busiest day understanding the demanding and hectic schedules of the NYC working woman.

Watch as Izabela Helps to Transform Beyonce Fan to Her New Look

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