Fall 2017 Hair Trends by Hadar Liebovitz

With the change of season, comes transforming colors , weather and wardrobe!
Fall , means collars and sweaters, and no more running out with wet hair! The best ways to step into the fall is to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (no humidity!) and try something new.The Clean Line – the blunt collar bone length haircut has been around for a few years now and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Its a flattering length on everyone. For 2017 try changing up the look with some shorter face framing angles. These shorter pieces will add movement and texture as well as accentuate your cheekbones and eyes.The Short – If someone tells you short hair is easier , that’s not completely true, you will need to get your haircut reshaped more frequently than your long locks but your morning hair routine time will be cut in half, if not more. It’s a great way to change up your look and routine while taking advantage of no humidity!

Bangs – if you are ever in the mood to cut bangs and you ask your stylist in the summer they will usually tell you to wait until fall to try it out (sweaty bangs stuck to your forehead are never the best look). Come fall, bangs are a great way to change it up. This season, a bold piecey bang with long textured hair is definitely the way to go. Afraid because you have crazy cowlick? Brazilian blowout will be your best friend! It’s a quick fix to Brazilian just the bang – it redirects the root of your hair, giving you the ability to wake up in the morning and run out the door without a worry. This statement look  is more versatile than you think!

Adding Depth – A lot of times throughout the summer we let our color go, opting for those natural highlights the sun gives us. What is not great is the dryness we get from the salt water and chlorine, not to mention the green (blonds) or brassy (brunetttes) undertone that our hair can take on by the end of the summer. Going darker will bring back that healthy shine and add a glow to what’s left of your Labor Day tan!

Hair Conditioning – After the summer we all need to replenish our hair and scalp! Stop in to the salon 1/2 hour earlier than your scheduled appointment to hydrate your scalp with the Phyto Pollene treatment and then sit with an intense mask under the heat to hydrate your ends.

Routine –  apply a few pumps of the AKS serum as your daily dose of vitamin E ,keratin  and argon oil! It helps keep static away as well!

Blow Drying/Styling – Try this ‘formula’: Always use the nozzle on your hairdryer – it truly focuses the direction of the hair cuticle, so you do not go against it and create frizz. With your hands, first lift the root. Then the mid hair shaft of hair. Now, your hair should be 80% dry. Finish with a boar bristle brush to smooth and shape the hair (Yes! Boar bristle not metal!) You’ll achieve long lasting, shiny hair in 1/2 the time.

The Look – Straighter styles are in for fall – yet not flat and flat ironed! Curing irons are still a great tool for second day hair! A large barrel curling iron can give a perfect amount of soft wave (not beach waves) for fall
When in doubt, ask your favorite AKS stylist for their opinion on the haircare options that would benefit you most.
– Hadar

AKS Must Haves….. and Why! by Mika

Ever wish you had all the inside information to every hair product and every hair service ever available?! Well, WE do! Want in? Read on…..

Gloss –  The bang trim of haircolor. Glosses are great for the midway point in between your highlight appointments. They will refresh the tone of your hair and revitalize the shine! For my fine haired friends, glosses are a great way to build volume in your hair without committing to color.

Bang/Neck Trims – A great haircut will grow out so well that a person could go months without a fresh cut. But our hairline always tells a different story.Whether your male or female, the hair around your hairline is a telling tale of how recently you’ve had your haircut. The solution? Stop in to your stylist at the midway point in between your haircut appointments for a ‘bang’ trim (you don’t have to have bangs! this could be your face framing angles) or a neck and side burn trim. These drop ins are wallet friendly (they’re complimentary!), they help your hairsytlist get to know you and your hair better, and best of all, you’ll always have a fresh looking cut!

Brazilian Blowout Treatment – Little known fact…..this treatment does not have to be done over the entire head! It can be targeted to areas of your hair that have the most frizz, tightest curls and/or most stubborn cowlicks. In this way, your curl pattern becomes more consistent throughout your hair, frizz is gone and your hair goes in the direction you want it to now that those cowlicks are tamed!. Essentially, your problem areas go away! A BB Treatment around your hairline can even make a ponytail a breeze – no more frizz to worry about around the temples and behind the ears!

Nigelle Treatment – This is a quick 3-step salon treatment that includes four ampoules to be used at home once a week for 4 weeks, extending the life of the treatment. So for $70, you get 4 weeks worth of treatment care – what a bargain! It’s 3 formulas allow for customization for your haircare needs. The fine hair formula improves the quality of hair without weighing hair down. The normal and coarse formulas lock in moisture to tame and soften unruly, frizzy hair and restore shine.

Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel by Aida – This 3 step professional peel is different than the 2 step at home peels from Dr Dennis Gross. Aida trained specifically with the Dr Gross team to be able to perform this specialized treatment. The results are immediate. Your skin is luminous, your texture and tone are improved and as long as you’ve applied high SPF sunscreen, you don’t need to avoid the sun! Repeated treatments have the added benefits of stimulating collagen production – improving skin density and firmness and diminishing lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of sun damage.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads – Ever use a self tanner and get streaks? Weird pigmentation? Yeah, we’ve had that experience too. But not with these pads! They are in the form of a towelette which makes them easy to use, easy to obtain an even distribution and, best of all,  your hands won’t be all gooey and orange after using them! They exfoliate, self-tan and have anti-aging benefits too!  The icing on the cake…..your glow looks completely natural!

Style Edit Root Touch Up – This cleverly packaged product has 2 main functions. 1 is a practical one – it camouflouges your grey hair until you get in to see your colorist. The 2nd is to make hair look fuller and create a mattifying effect on the scalp so that a flash bulb won’t shine on it and make you look bald – you fine haired ladies know what I mean! It lays on the surface of your scalp so that you can’t see the scalp as much – this gives the appearance of denser hair. Now that your scalp has a matte finish, when your picture is taken and a flash bulb is used, the flash won’t bounce off your scalp! This is a popular hollywod trick!

Loreal Artec Next Day Hair – This texturizing spray is a marriage of a dry shampoo and hairspray. It gives the hair some grit, adds density and provides a light hold. You can use it on ‘dirty’ hair to prolong the life of your blow-dry or  you can use it on clean hair to give it a lived in feel.  For Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray lovers, this is cheaper and just as good!

Secret De Nuit – Many are afraid of this overnight treatment by Phyto. A common thought process is that it will stain your pillowcase; or be uncomfortable to sleep in; or cause a breakout on your skin. None of which are true. It absorbs directly into your hair and is not greasy in the least. It’s ingredients are active at night, when the hair’s ability to repair itself peaks.Secret De Nuit replenishes dry or damaged hair. It is amazing to use after getting a full head of highlights to restore the nutrients in your hair.  You do not have to rinse it out.

Salon AKS Baby-Toddler Hair and Body Wash – The best part of this is that it is ALL NATURAL. Coconut derived detergent creates a very gentle lather that enables it to double as a shampoo as well as a body wash and smells so good even moms and dads will want to lather it on! Take it with you anywhere!

AKS Color Care Shampoo – This is unlike other color shampoos you’ve used before. The coconut water and macadamia extract both hydrate the hair – essential after a color service! The rosemary leaf and sea kelp extract help to close the cuticle of the hair and truly seal in color for long lasting color protection! Plus, it’s sodium chloride and sulfate free!

AKS Anti Frizz Shampoo – If you think shampoo does not matter to the final results of your hair, your mistaken. The ingredients in your shampoo are essential to providing the base for the look your hoping to achieve later on in styling. The Anti-Frizz shampoo contains keratin & sunflower extract.  These work to bond hair and keep frizz to a minimum. Add to that the protective and moisturizing qualities of coconut water, cocobetaine and coco seed butter. After shampooing, your already halfway to achieving fabulous curls or a long lasting blowout! Best for coarse or frizzy hair.


Stay tuned! We are always trying and discovering new things!


What the difference is between the Brazilian Blowout and the Brazilian Keratin Treatment? Which is best suited for me?

Please read our blog post here to see which treatment is best suited for your needs. Salon AKS experts are among the best Stylists in NYC to manage course, curly hair.

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I recently got a keratin smoothening treatment done to my hair. But it has caused alot of hair breakage, dryness and frizziness. What can I do to prevent that?

Not all Keratin treatments are created alike. Next time, do some research and have the treatment done by the most reputable place in your area. Read  ‘Which treatment is best for me?’ to find the best keratin option for your needs.

Come to Salon AKS at anytime for a complimentary personalized consultation with a keratin expert.

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For the Brazilian keratin treatment, I know they say you have to wait at least two weeks to color hair after getting it done. How important is the wait time?

Very important! The issue is that the keratin treatment works because it closes tight the cuticle layer of your hair. Therefore, color will be difficult to take and might not take at all. The 2 weeks allows for the cuticle layer to soften a bit, allowing optimal penetration of the color through your hair shaft.

Salon AKS

Hadar Liebovitz

Giving up a scholarship in forensic science to do hair, Hadar has never forgotten to remain perfectly detailed and thorough in all she does. Graduating from the Aveda Institute in 2006 Hadar spent some time searching for the perfect place to hang her hat.  Beginning at Ouidad Salon taught Hadar the specialized techniques used to style curly hair. Moving on to John Barett Salon,  Hadar tried her hand at coloring hair , learning all about tones and dimensions and what looks good. Landing at Salon AKS, Hadar has found her niche.  Her varied experience has taught her how hair reacts and why. She brings a whole new level of personalization to her blowouts as well as to the Brazilian Blowout. Each individual is customized according to their hair’s needs.
Added bonus: You won’t leave Hadar’s chair without getting a full play by play of how to care for your hair at home so you will look good days after having left the salon! She is highly sought after for her blowdry lessons and has worked in Phyto training classes to help guide stylists from all over the world on blowdrying techniques.

Hadar shares her curly hair tips with redbookmag.com “As soon as you get out of the shower, pat — don’t rub — your hair. “Applying smoothing products while your hair is damp … keeps the cuticle down and frizz at bay,” explains Hadar Leibovitz,…your best bet is a leave-in conditioner….” Read more: http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty/hair/a49971/expert-hair-care-tips/.


So many options! Which Keratin treatment is the best one for you?

There are many smoothing treatments on the market. At Salon AKS, LASIO, Brazilian Blowout and Coppola are all offered. Which is best suited for your needs?

Across the board, they will all seal in the  cuticle layer of the hair, leaving hair shiny and silky; even making dull, brittle hair look healthy. The smooth finish makes  light reflect differently from your hair, giving your color a boost. Furthermore, it seals in the hair color, leading to less oxidation. The treatments can be customly applied to even out uneven hair textures within one head of hair and rid hair of up to %80 of frizz. Your blowdrying time will be cut in half. That blow dry will now also last longer because it is not as affected by humidity. Keratin treatments will loosen curls but not get rid of them.
Specifics of the different brands are as follows:
LASIO is heat activated. You must use a blowdryer or hot tool in order to activate the treatments affectors.  This is a great treatment to receive in between hair relaxers in order to allow the hair shaft to renew its elasticity and strength. LASIO requires a 24 hr wait time before you may wash, wet or alter hair shape in a forceful way (ie:tucking behind your ear or pulling into a ponytail)
3 day Coppola: will loosen the curl pattern the most out of the treatment choices. It is not heat activated so you may wash and go if you wish. Coppola requires 3 days of wait time before you may wash, wet or alter hair shape in a forceful way (ie:tucking behind your ear or pulling into a ponytail)
Brazilian Blowout: this is the most customizable treatment.  The amount of curl and body that is taken away or kept in the hair is directly correlated to the amount of product and heat that is applied. In this way, the technician may work to achieve specific results for each individual.  Brazilian Blowout requires no wait time but rather gets a fresh rinse and regular looking hairstyle immediately upon completion of treatment.

The return of the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT

Imagine getting a Blow Out and having it last for 12 weeks!

Brazilian Blowout is back at Salon AKS!

This 90 minute and up process, which involves ironing a smoothing complex onto the hair surface, enhance shine and combat the frizz for up to 3 months.


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