Larissa Fortuno

Over the last seven years in the beauty business, Larissa has been most attracted to the art of hair coloring. Whether working through a single-color process or highlighting, she carefully considers a client’s skin tones in order to bring out her natural beauty.

Inspired as a little girl by her mother, also a colorist, Larissa takes great pride in her ability to enhance an individual’s style and play such an active role in helping people feel confident and beautiful.

Ryan Slowey

While pursuing his bachelors degree at Marywood University, Ryan decided to find true happiness and follow his passion into the hair and beauty Industry. Ryan discovered this would also marry together his love for hair and for taking care of people.
Ryan spent the first three years as a stylist, creating award-winning looks. Always thirsty for knowledge and eager to build upon his skill set, Ryan moved to NYC. He became an apprentice to some of the top colorists  in New York City. He has mastered how to create strong rich brunettes, shiny mysterious auburns, and illuminating blondes that pop! Ryan’s worked on Vogue photo shoots and National L’Oreal Ads to name a few things. He loves making his clients feel great and giving them an amazing look.  Ryan is versatile, creative and an all around talented artisan.
“It’s easy, I love what I do” -Ryan

Watch Ryan at work!: