Anya Nadezhdina

“When your confident….. you can experiment and be brave with ideas about hair”.

It took Anya two years to develop her dream, come to the US and see it unfold. Her dream was to come to New York to do hair. Always experimenting with her own mane and her friend’s hairstyles, Anya developed a strong love for the art of hair.

She started her journey at the Carsten Institute of Beauty; AKS was her first interview! They recognized her passion and the rest is history.

Working closely with the AKS team, Anya has built upon her repertoire of skills and developed her own signature style. Her inspiration derives from the ways people do hair in different cultures and counties. She combines the best elements and invents new styles and updos!

Anya specializes in wigs.  She wears them herself and so knows firsthand the needs of her wig clientele. She gets that there are various reasons wigs are worn and thereby customizes each accordingly.  Go to the Salon AKS services page for more information on wigs.

Watch Anya teach you to create your own Mohawk Buns (shown above):

Watch Anya create the Side Swept Braid using extensions (shown above):

Is there any hair extension method that involves single hairs becoming longer, not strands together?

All hair extension methods require at least 5-6 strands at a time in order to provide a strong base for the extension. Extension pieces are dense and so if they are placed on a single strand, the weight of them will break the hair they are attached to.

Our extension expert, Nikki Ray is a genius at completing your look with strategically placed Great Lengths hair extensions.

For a complimentary consultation come in to Salon AKS, 689 5th Ave, 10th fl, New York, New York 10022. Nikki is here Tuesday – Saturday.

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What are the best hair extensions to get?

Our extension expert, Nikki Ray is a genius at completing your look with strategically placed Great Lengths hair extensions. Great Lengths hair extensions start at $1600 – $4800. A complementary consultation can be booked with Nikki and must always precede a Great Lengths service. These extensions may last up to about 6 months. This depends on how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows quickly they may last less and vice versa. Great Lengths hair has a natural wavy effect and for most clients this is an advantage because they can be easily dried and styled. Any style, color or cut is possible. For more information, visit Great Lengths FAQ.

For a temporary hair lengthening service, clip in hair extensions are a great option. Our resident clip in pro is Nyree BusbyNyree Makes high quality custom made clip-in hair extensions.  Nyree will measure your head and determine the length, thickness and size of the prefect clip-ins for you. Prices start at $500. Consultations must be booked a week prior to use of the extensions.

For a complimentary consultation come in to Salon AKS, 689 5th Ave, 10th fl, New York, New York 10022. Nikki is here Tuesday – Saturday.

I want to dye my extensions the same color as my hair. How do I do that?

Are the extensions real hair? If they’re not or if they’re coated with anything synthetic, the color wont take. If they are real, natural hair, it can be done. You will need to use bleach to lift them to match your hair. I recommend covering them with plastic wrap or foil to keep the heat in, and keep them in a warm or bright place so the color will take. This will take longer to lift than it would take to lift your hair (since its not on a person) so  just keep checking on it and rinse it when it’s at the level you want it. It could take hours, but it can be done.

Is it possible to grow hair 7 inches in a month? My wedding is in 3 months and I don’t want short hair for it!

No, hair grows @ 1/4 inch/month.  Good nutrition and scalp circulation are vital to healthy hair as is using professional grade products that are pH balanced for your hair. The best, most effective way to maintain the health of your hair and stimulate growth is to start a daily regimen of hair vitamins like Phytophanere. Treat your scalp with Phytocyane Densifying Treatment to help accelerate hair growth.

For your wedding, hair extensions will be your best method of achieving longer hair in a short period of time. Our hair extension experts Nyree and Nikki can help you determine the best method for you.

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