Haircolor has dried out your hair?

Okay, you got it dyed and cut and ever since then you can’t ever brush it because it gets tangled. You can’t do anything with it and hate wearing it up everyday…….sound familiar? After hair color, the cuticle layer (outer layer) of your hair remains in an opened or widened position for some time. This leaves hair dull and easily tangled – the exact opposite reason you went to get your hair done to begin with! No fret. It is important that for the 2 weeks following a hair color service you treat your hair to moisturizing treatments and use heat protectants.  We love the Nigelle treatment service. It is keratin based, resulting in stronger, smoother, shinier hair that is easier to style. You receive the service in the salon for a minimal cost and then take home 4 treatment vials so that you can continue to treat your hair 1x/week for the next 4 weeks! Once your out of the shower and before adding styling products, make sure you fill in the sponge that is your hair with a heat protectant. We love PhytoKeratine Thermal Spray.  Add the AKS Serum and your in stress free hair styling heaven!

Gorgeous Curls Achieved with the Exclusive Use of AKS Serum! by Sadah Saltzman for Family Circle Magazine


Looks by Sadah Saltzman; Achieved using AKS Serum

Looks by Sadah Saltzman for Family Circle Magazine, 2015; Achieved using AKS Serum


Looks by Sadah Saltzman; Achieved using AKS Serum

Looks by Sadah Saltzman for Family Circle Magazine, 2015; Achieved using AKS Serum



I have naturally straight hair. Can I have a perm that lasts 3 days and then go back to my natural hair?

A true perm is permanent, so no, you cannot toggle between the two. A perm, once in the hair, needs to grow out of it. The most versatile solution? Use your perm rods like a roller set (like Bradley Copper’s character in American Hustle). Start with a strong holding gel all throughout your hair like Phyto Wet Gel. Roll your hair around the rods while it is very wet and allow it to dry completely before taking the rods out.

The rest of the time let your natural hair do what it does.

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Once hair falls out, is there a chance of it coming back?

It is normal to lose 100 hairs a day. These hairs will regenerate on their own. If the hair loss is due to genetics and aging or to a severe trauma to the head, then no, it probably will not grow back. Any other cause of hair loss garners the opportunity for hair regrowth. Use Phytocyane shampoo , Phytocyane Densifying Treatment and Phytophanere vitamins to accelerate the rate of growth and strength of the new hair coming in.

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My hair is different textures in different parts of my head. How do I get it to look the same everywhere?

This hair texture is not that uncommon. Start with a haircut that features long layers and lots of face framing angles. If the weight of your hair is distributed properly, it will not be so difficult to manage. Because of the different textures, the cut should be managed according to how your hair reacts naturally in any one area. In this way, if you are not blowdrying your hair, you still achieve an even looking haircut.  Generally speaking, you are best using products that hydrate your hair as well as give hold. You may find this combination in a single product or you may have to cocktail 2-3 different products in your hands before applying it in your hair.  Do not skimp on product. You want to invest in professional products with high quality ingredients.

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I have blonde highlights. Can I bleach over it to make my hair all over blonde?

It is not recommended. Hair is elastic. Bleach will wear down your hairs elasticity. Over bleaching will make your hair react like a worn out rubber band – it will break.

Ask around and seek a professional that will get you the best results while maintaining the health of your hair. They are out there!

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I am a male. When my hair starts to grow in, it gets poofy on the sides. I can’t afford a haircut every other week. But I still want to have great looking hair.

What you need is a GREAT haircut. Hair that is cut well, with properly distributed layers, will not only look fantastic but grow out perfectly too, allowing 6-8 weeks before you need a fresh haircut.

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