You should never have to sacrifice your hairstyle for the gym or studio! by Hadar Leibovitz

Do you have short layers or angles that may not fit into a ponytail?

Don’t fret! We’ve created a few layer friendly, versatile looks that survive even the sweatiest workouts.

  1. Switch it up!                                                                                                           Two strand rope twists emulate a braid but are much easier to achieve on yourself. They will save your blowout and hide shorter angles while you’re sweating it out in the gym. Best part? Take it out once the sweat has dried off your hair and you will have soft waves.
  2. Elevate the tried and true ponytail by doing a Mohawk braid down the middle. Braiding the hair in between the arches of your brows to the crown of your head hides those shorter pieces and adds some fun and personality to the pony.
  3. The most popular gym ‘do’? A messy bun! The secret ingredient here is to add a mask to the ends of the hair before your workout. As your scalp generates heat from perspiring, the hair cuticle opens up and really absorbs all those great conditioning properties. Avoid getting the mask on the roots so you can keep the messy texture and not look greasy!

So next time you have to ask yourself “Is this gym/studio appropriate?” keep an open mind along with these hairstyles in your back pocket.

To view a tutorial:



Getting Shorty; Guidelines by Alain Pinon

Anne Hathaway is the perfect example of what we have to watch out for when changing one’s style. This short bob gives her the appearance of a very boxy and full face. It does not enhance her cheek bones or jaw line. Also, it squares off her already broad shoulders, throwing the proportion off balance.

Now, the shorter hair below exemplifies how the right proportions can accentuate the natural angles of her bone structure while achieving soft femininity. Cutting layers that go away from the face opens the sides and back and creates a harmonious balance with her neck and shoulders. This look gives her elegance and an undeniable presence.

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I got a fabulous blowout at the salon! I am trying to create the same look at home and am having difficulties. Any suggestions?

First, the right tools are essential.  Choose a professional blowdryer fitted with a nozzle at the end. Our favorite is the Twin Turbo. Using a nozzle on the end of your hair dryer will help to reduce flyaways and get you better control of your roots. Next, use brushes with high quality, all natural bristles.  Boar bristles are ideal for coarse and curly hair, while the silk bristles work well with fine or damaged hair. The size of your brush is determined by the length of your hair and your desired end result. The longer your hair or the straighter you’d like your ends to be, the larger the brush size you use. For shorter hair or for long hair that desires bounce and wave, choose a brush with a smaller diameter.  Purchase Here.

Now that you’ve got the right tools, it is important that you follow up with great products.  Start off with a high quality shampoo and conditioner. Next, you will need to prep your hair with the right products before any blowdrying starts. When making a product decision, ask yourself: is my hair dry? is my hair oily? do I want volume?  how much hold do I need my hair to have?  do I need an anti-humectant to fight frizz? do I want to define my natural curls? or do I want to smooth them out? Then go to Shop AKS for the best of the best products! Ask yourself the questions above then type your answers into the search tool of Shop AKS, Voila! the right products for your hair will pop right up!

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How do I grow my hair out? What do I do with it in the meantime?

For accelerated hair growth, take a daily hair and nail vitamin like Phytophanere.  Start looking for pictures of the hairstyle that you want once it’s grown out. Show that to your stylist and have a conversation with them on what they believe is the best process to get you there. In the meantime it is important to trim the tips of your hair regularly to keep a shape in your hair as it grows out. You will want to treat your hair regularly as well to deter the growth of split ends. Use masks like Phytojoba 1x a week.

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Could you could help me figure out why all of a sudden after I got my hair cut, it frizzes up and looks dry when I straighten it?

A probable cause for your hair reacting the way it is is if it has a natural wave to it and it was thinned using a razor or thinning shears. The use of these tools on hair that is not dead straight tends to make it difficult to style and control the ends. To improve your situation, try using a leave in conditioner like Phyto 7 on your ends and put a little more work into styling your ends with a silk bristled brush. Once your hair has grown out a little, trim the ends using a blunt ends technique.

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my hair is dry and damaged. I want to cut it short but don’t know if it would look good on me….

Shorter hair does not have to be unflattering. It sounds like your hair could really use the recharging a shorter haircut would deliver. Be sure to cut your length in a flattering proportion to your neck and torso so your face does not look fuller. Properly proportioned angles and layers will create angles in your face, defining your features. Good layers will also enable you to embrace your natural texture and keep you from damaging your hair by over styling it. Talk to your stylist about the best look for you!

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I have tried bangs but don’t like the feel of them on my forehead. I would like some form of longer bangs. What I should get?

The length of your bangs should be dependent on your face shape. As a general rule of thumb, the shortest piece of your bangs should be level with your eyebrows or to the top of the cheekbone.

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I’m in serious need of a new hairstyle! I dread going to the salon because they always manage to butcher my hair or I can never seem to get a cut that is flattering. I want a style that is fun, sexy, and age appropriate. I wear glasses so I want a style that can work with them.

Find a celebrity whose style you like that has similar face shape to yours and emulate their look. Ask yourself: Is the haircut your requesting right for you? Does the person in the photo have similar face shape and hair texture as you? Will you be able to style it in a relatively similar fashion?

The process to achieving a great hairstyle starts with a properly proportioned haircut. In order for hair strands to fall into place perfectly, they must be cut perfectly. Hair should be cut according to the way it grows, that way strands can interlock with each other and allow for a graceful growing out of the cut.  This cutting method also allows for ease of style. If hair is cut the way it grows, it does not HAVE to be blow-dried to look good.  Next, hair must be cut in a proportion most flattering to your face shape. You want angles and layers that highlight your best features and diminish your least favorite.

For a great cut and personalized product recommendations come see a professional at Salon AKS.