What Women Want, by S.W.

 A woman’s most important accessory isn’t her Chanel bag or her Louboutins. It’s her hair! And a very close second is her MAN’s hair! When girls night out is invaded by our significant others, they better be up to par! Personally, I want to be proud of the way my guy looks when he enters a room. Hand and hand, we cruise down the streets of New York like it’s our own personal runway. (Even if we don’t admit it.) So let’s get to the point here – How do we get our men to care the same way we do?

I decided to ask Carrie Butterworth, a stylist at Salon AKS, a few questions to get her take on men’s hair. Take notes girls, I learned a lot!

One of the things we talked about about was men who haven’t updated their look in a while. Sooner or later every man and his hair face an identity crisis.

Men who hold onto their longer hairstyles from their youth should realize that after a certain age, say mid to late 30’s, the look they associated with youthfulness is actually aging them. Shorter hair is also more flattering on a guy with a fuller, rounder face shape. The conception that having longer hair at the sides is slimming, is inaccurate, because the extra hair only adds to the overall width of the head.

A lot of men are comfortable going to their local barber, or lower-end neighborhood salon to get their hair done. So what makes high end, HIGH END? Going to a place like Salon AKS for men is beneficial because it’s more than just a haircut. It’s an experience. Our men work hard, so let them escape to an oasis and enjoy a fabulous scalp massage by one of their experts with magic hands. (They will thank you!)

One of the newest members of the AKS team, Carrie Butterworth, has a fresh take on modern men’s hair; A men’s specialist from a feminine point of view. Need I say more? We all understand the comfort our guys get when they’re with “the boys” at the barbershop – but Carrie doesn’t just know the difference between the Yankees and the Mets – she knows the difference between texture and style.

One big issue with men is time. Weather he’s keeping it sleek or showing off that attractive new texture he’ll learn how to be ready in no time!

Not just a new look! A new routine, products to help, and an overall new attitude.

It’s not a matter of wanting our men to look different. I think it’s more about being the best possible version of himself – something your corner barbershop won’t be interested in. Whether it’s a business meeting, golf with his buddies or just dinner with me, my guy knows how to take care of his hair and he learned at Salon AKS. It doesn’t make him feminine, it makes him realistic!

If Carrie could teach me all of this in a quick conversation in the elevator just imagine what her clients learn!

Hope this helps ladies, and hope to see you all soon!

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