A·K·S Bridal Suite Tips

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Hairstyle Tips

Consider likely weather conditions and how they will affect your hair. Select a hairstyle with a shape that is complementary to the shape and neckline of your dress.

Shy away from haircuts until after your wedding. The best hairstyle is healthy, shiny hair. Length can always be added with hair extensions. Besides, shouldn't you look amazing for every wedding related event? Don't choose a hairstyle or texture that you wouldn't normally wear. You should feel like the best version of yourself (ie: if your hair is always worn with curls, don't make it straight).


Color Tips

Get highlights. Even super subtle ones will add dimension and show off movement in your chosen hairstyle. Get color within 3 shampoos before the wedding day. At this point, color will look its most natural, shiny and bright.

Don't have roots. They will dull the overall look and take brightness away from your face. Don't use hotel shampoo on your honeymoon. Keep color intact by using a shampoo with sunscreen.


Accessory Tips

Consult with your stylist as to the best shape and size of hair jewelry. What will complement the look? Purchase jewelry only AFTER you've decided on your hairstyle and consulted with your stylist.

Don't purchase a hair accessory that's too heavy. Chances are your hair will not support the weight and it will fall or get loose as the day advances. Don't Get gaudy. Hair jewelry should complement any other bling worn on your wedding day, not clash with it or overpower it.


Makeup Tips

Do a makeup trial. This is the time to 'try on' a few different looks to determine the one best suited for you. Start a skincare regimen months prior to the wedding. Your skin will be at its best and optimize makeup results.

Don't get stuck without a lipstick or lipgloss for touch ups. Ask your makeup artist during the trial to recommend a great shade for your look. Don't drink a lot of alcohol on the night before your wedding. It causes your skin to get red and puffy.