"Naturally, Uniquely Chic"

Hair stylist Jonn Rhamani has been working in the international hair scene in Washington D.C., London, and New York City since 1990. Fifteen years of experience have brought him to the A·K·S ® family as a designer, bringing to their salon his own international clientele.

Jonn was born to a large family based in the sprawling suburbs of Washington DC. The global sophistication of the nation's capital stimulated his affinity for fashion and his interests eventually led to his training at the London based Graham Webb Hair Salon. Webb's establishment proved a terrific starting point for tri-lingual Rhamani and upon graduation, the star pupil was immediately hired by Bruno Dessange in fashionable Georgetown. 

From Bruno Dessange, Jonn was drafted by the chic London Shop Double Scissors that focused on cutting edge style. He had a chance meeting with clients of NYC based Frederic Fekkai who encouraged him to meet with Frederic. His own yearning to return to the states brought him to New York City where Frederic Fekkai immediately drafted him as an associate. Jonn started at Fekkai's 57th Street mega salon in 1996; he remained there until today when he happily moved to the newest incarnations of A·K·S® on 54th and 5th.