Introducing the new AKS Serum!

The AKS Serum is a lightweight yet high performance leave-in product that keeps hair feeling smooth and shiny without weighing it down. The serum’s “3 Raw Active” formula includes Vitamin E helping to repair, moisturize and protect from the effects of the sun; Keratin replaces proteins that can be lost with chemical processes. It Brings volume to finer hair and smooths out the hair cuticle to create perfect results; Argan Oil to hydrate, moisturize, control and alleviate frizz.

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Create the best results:

1. Fine Textures: Create volume &thickness by applying 1 drop before blowdrying

2. Curly and wavy textures:  2-3 drops on damp hair to define your texture and add shine. Blow dry, air dry or diffuse

3. Medium to thick hair: Achieve smooth & shiny style, by applying 2 to 3 drops on hair before styling

4. Leave in over night: Shampoo & apply 1 or 2 drops after towel drying. Comb it through, sleep on it.


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