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The bridal experts are often called upon to create the latest hairstyles to complement the frocks of prominent designers. Their work has graced the runways of the most reputable bridal designers and has appeared in the editorial pages of many bridal magazines and websites such as Martha Stewart Weddings.



Located in the heart of NYC amid the worlds most exclusive retail shops, fine restaurants and luxurious hotels. Salon AKS follows suit; delivering impeccable service with the highest of standards.Wherever your wedding is destined to be, we will be therefor all your bridal needs



On your first visit bring a picture of your dress, your accessories, and most important, your imagination. Any look can be yours. Choose from looks our hair and makeup artists have created until you've found THE ONE!



Come have a beauty bash with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy complimentary champagne and strawberries in our large, private luxurious pedicure and round room while indulging in your beauty treatments.




"I had an amazing experience with the bridal suite amenity Salon A·K·S offers! I, as most brides, had a very busy day ahead of me when I woke up on my wedding day. The last thing I wanted was to be worried about who was taking care of my hair and makeup on such a big day. I had my trial with Nikki to ensure we were on the same page. I have to say, my trial took only an hour since Nikki understood exactly the look I was going for! She was confident, quick, efficient, creative and so relaxed, which completely relaxed me. I LOVED my hair! We tried out two styles and left the final decision to be made for the day of. I opted to have Nikki come to the hotel, since there was so much going on. She was on time, started right away, and finished within an hour and a half. I was thrilled!!! Not a hair looked too "done" yet not a hair came out of place all night. It was exactly what I hoped for. I received compliments all night long and continue to when people see our wedding pictures. I give Nikki and Salon A·K·S 5 stars for service, quality, creativity and professionalism!" "My mom and I have been using Larissa for our color for years, so it was no surprise that when it came time to my wedding, we knew where to go. From the trials to the rehearsal dinner to the day of the wedding, we truly enjoyed our experience with the Salon A·K·S. The staff was extremely helpful in setting up appointments and coordinating details, and we absolutely loved our hair and makeup. Mika did everything we wanted and then some! She can literally do any hair style imaginable. She is beyond talented and such a pleasant person to work with. Since the wedding, we've been asked by all our friends where we got our hair done, and we can't recommend Salon A·K·S enough! It was truly a great experience and made the wedding day complete."

Married in New York City


Jenny’s mom

There are special "milestone" events in a mother's life, and her daughter's wedding day is high on the list. When my daughter got married on a beautiful fall day in October, she was, without question, a stunning bride whose smile "said it all." There are many behind-the-scene factors that add up to that perfect day. In our case having the expert team from Salon A·K·S do the hair for the entire bridal party was an important part of everyone's smile. All the girls were thrilled with the results, which were achieved on time and with respect to each individual's specific request for the style she wanted. Salon A·K·S did an amazing job in pleasing the entire bridal party of twelve ladies on that October day!" 

Mother of the Bride 
Married in New York City



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morgan’s mom

"My mom and I have been using Larissa for our color for years, so it was no surprise that when it came time to my wedding, we knew where to go. From the trials to the rehearsal dinner to the day of the wedding, we truly enjoyed our experience with the Salon A·K·S. The staff was extremely helpful in setting up appointments and coordinating details, and we absolutely loved our hair and makeup. Mika did everything we wanted and then some! She can literally do any hair style imaginable. She is beyond talented and such a pleasant person to work with. Since the wedding, we've been asked by all our friends where we got our hair done, and we can't recommend Salon A·K·S enough! It was truly a great experience and made the wedding day complete."

Married in New York City



"I had to write about my wonderful experience at Salon A·K·S for my wedding. The whole experience from the booking to the hair to makeup was awesome! I had had three trials for my hair before my friend told me about Salon A·K·S. I was frustrated and went into the salon confused and not sure of what direction I wanted to go. I showed a picture of my dress and was immediately fed ideas. I had three different styles done (I ultimately chose the first) and even got great advice on the hairpiece I should get! The wedding coordinator at the salon spent multiple calls with me on the phone to help me schedule all my bridesmaids. I had wanted my hair done in my hotel suite, but after I saw the room I'd get in the salon, I thought it'd be more fun going in. It was awesome! Everyone got to get manicures and their hair and makeup done all at the same time. They even added in two of my cousins that had come with us to take pictures. It was like a little pre-party! I can't say enough good things about my wedding day experience. Thanks Salon A·K·S!" 

Married in Long Island, NY



I just wanted to thank Jonn and the entire Salon A·K·S team for a fabulous job Saturday! Please pass this photo along to Jonn. We all had SO many compliments on our hair, and we had a lot of fun at the salon getting ready for the wedding. It was a perfect day all around, and kicking it off at Salon A·K·S was so great! See you soon. 

Married in New York City



Weddings-you prepare for them days, weeks, months, maybe even years in advance-until you finally are walking down the aisle. You've researched the flowers, the cake, the dress, the venue and most importantly, the hair and makeup. The bride and groom are the main characters and should look their absolute best. Salon A·K·S was there to see me through. The trial run was so helpful and reassuring. It was great to know we were all on the same page. It also allowed the artist/stylist to explain why something works or doesn't work. Salon A·K·S' stylists were extremely easy to talk to and helpful in defining my style and ideas for my wedding. I felt so relieved and excited to be in their hands. If it wasn't for an incredible team of stylists, I wouldn't have such amazing, timeless photos. Everyone was prompt and organized, and without a hiccup I was walking down the aisle stress-free and completely relaxed. It was the moment I waited for, and the photos still remain timeless. Thank you Salon A·K·S for your professional, talented team that made me feel and look amazing on one of the most important days of my life. 

Maria R. 



"I've been seeing my stylist Nyree, at Salon A·K·S for a few years. I have always enjoyed my time with her. I leave looking and feeling beautiful. Through the months leading up to my wedding, Nyree and I discussed several options for my hair and tried a few different styles. I have thinner hair, and I wanted my hair to look full and glamorous for my big day, so Nyree made me custom clip-in extensions. They were a perfect accessory and match for my hair. They were so easy to use! And I still use them all the time!

Sadah did my makeup. It was perfect and natural. I felt like a better, more glamorous version of myself! I have never felt so beautiful in my life! My bridal party went to other stylists in the salon, and they were all really happy too. The champagne and strawberries the salon passed around to us definitely helped! I'm so thankful for my experience and for their team." 

Married New York City



"I cannot thank Mika enough for the absolutely amazing job she did with my hair on my wedding day. Besides being extremely talented, she is such a pleasure to work with! Mika is really an exceptional hairstylist, and I recommend her to everyone!" 

Married in Westchester, NY



“Working with Nikki was a dream! She was so patient and helpful and she is beyond talented. We met a few times before the wedding day and went back and forth between up and down but ultimately decided to go with a simple down look that made me feel like a princess. I would not change a thing! Beyond doing a fabulous job on my mom, my sister and me Nikki made us all feel great and special about ourselves - she was there every step of the way and we were so lucky to have her as part of our special day!” 

Married in NYC, NY


zac posen

Exciting to work with the talented Zac Posen. Salon AKS created a chic and simple hairstyle to go with his gorgeous creations.





Consultation: Starts at $160.00
Day of Wedding: Starts at $250.00

In-Salon Makeup

Consultation: Starts at $150.00
Day of Wedding: Starts at $200.00

Out of Salon Hair and Makeup:

Priced Hourly (1 1/2 hr min.) or Day Rate
Please allow 48 hours for pricing to be sent to you.
To inquire, our Bridal Experts may be reached at: 212-888-0707


In the bridal industry you will be presented with many choices. In choosing Salon AKS, prices will reflect 17 years of commitment to each and every bride, both local and international. Offering the ultimate in standard, service and quality.




Hairstyle Tips


Consider likely weather conditions and how they will affect your hair. Select a hairstyle with a shape that is complementary to the shape and neckline of your dress.


Shy away from haircuts until after your wedding. The best hairstyle is healthy, shiny hair. Length can always be added with hair extensions. Besides, shouldn't you look amazing for every wedding related event? Don't choose a hairstyle or texture that you wouldn't normally wear. You should feel like the best version of yourself (ie: if your hair is always worn with curls, don't make it straight).



Color Tips


Get highlights. Even super subtle ones will add dimension and show off movement in your chosen hairstyle. Get color within 3 shampoos before the wedding day. At this point, color will look its most natural, shiny and bright.


Don't have roots. They will dull the overall look and take brightness away from your face. Don't use hotel shampoo on your honeymoon. Keep color intact by using a shampoo with sunscreen.


Accessory Tips


Consult with your stylist as to the best shape and size of hair jewelry. What will complement the look? Purchase jewelry only AFTER you've decided on your hairstyle and consulted with your stylist.


Don't purchase a hair accessory that's too heavy. Chances are your hair will not support the weight and it will fall or get loose as the day advances. Don't Get gaudy. Hair jewelry should complement any other bling worn on your wedding day, not clash with it or overpower it.


Makeup Tips


Do a makeup trial. This is the time to 'try on' a few different looks to determine the one best suited for you. Start a skincare regimen months prior to the wedding. Your skin will be at its best and optimize makeup results.


Don't get stuck without a lipstick or lipgloss for touch ups. Ask your makeup artist during the trial to recommend a great shade for your look. Don't drink a lot of alcohol on the night before your wedding. It causes your skin to get red and puffy.




Q: I live outside of NY. Will a Salon AKS bridal expert travel to me?

A: Yes, Salon AKS bridal experts will travel anywhere to accommodate each bride's needs, both locally and internationally.

Q: Why does Salon AKS seem highly priced compared to some other salons or stylists I have found online?

A: Salon AKS offers peace of mind. We take pride in delivering a superior level of customer service and impeccable quality and in living up to the highest of standards.

Q: Why is the price so different between coming into the salon and having a bridal expert come to me?

A: You can expect the same high standards either way. In the salon you get the convenience of having every need met simultaneously. In your home, Salon AKS delivers to you the convenience of a private experience in your own environment.

Q: I want my hair/makeup experts to come to me. I have a large bridal party and/or relatives that need services. What do I do?

1st Option: Salon AKS factors in the time frame and the number of people before sending the experts that will meet your needs. 2nd Option: One expert can come to you, while your bridal party and/or relatives come to Salon AKS to be serviced simultaneously. Salon AKS offers beautiful private rooms for a bridal party setting. Arrangements must be made ahead of time to reserve this space. Food, champagne, and strawberries for your guests can be served. (Catering charges will apply). View our pedicure and semi-private round room.

Q: Who is the best?

A: Salon AKS encourages you to view the bridal experts portfolios and to read our client's testimonials to educate you in making your own decision.

Q: Why are certain technicians priced at a higher rate than others?

A: Pricing is directly correlated to the experience level of each bridal expert.

Q: Why is the price different for a bridal updo vs. a regular updo?

A: Bridal requirements are unique, and extra time and care need to be devoted to a bridal appointment.



Q: Can a Salon AKS bridal expert stay for touch ups?

A: Yes, we can. Be sure to have it worked into your proposal by a Special Event Coordinator.

Q: I want my bridesmaids to get their hair half up and half down. Is that considered an updo?

A: Yes it is, because more time is required to create the style.

Q: Do you charge extra for adding hair extensions?

A: There is an upcharge for adding extensions to a blow dry but not for an updo. Please have your extensions with you that day.

Q: Would you charge extra for using a curling iron?

A: No, we do not. It would be part of creating your look, if it is needed

Q: Should I shampoo my hair the day of the event?

A: No, it is usually best to have hair that has been washed the day before. This ensures that the hair has more hold, so the hairpins will stay in place, and your look will last all day!

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding?

A: Salon AKS recommends our clients book at least 6 months ahead of time to ensure all their needs can be accommodated.

Q: When should I come in to have my bridal trial?

A: The bridal trial should be scheduled three months prior to the wedding date. The bridal expert will guide you in creating your unique look and choosing hair accessories. You will also be assisted with scheduling your haircut, color, and skincare needs before your wedding day.

Q: I need to figure out my budget. Can you quote me an exact price right away?

A: Salon AKS will process your event details and offer you different options. Don't forget, just like your caterer or event companies, it will take Salon AKS about 48 hours to have all the logistics worked out and your proposal sent to you.