How To Work Out Without Ruining Your Hair
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“I have a hairdo for every sport! The high bun is my preference for Pilates so no hair gets in my face, yet my head can lay flat without any obstructions from my hair. I go with a high ponytail with a headband at my hairline for high impact cardio. Braids are my favorite for skiing, as I like to keep my hair free of downhill wind that can cause tangles and knots. For cycling, I opt for braids as well because they fit nicely under a helmet!” says Susanna Romano, stylist and co-owner of Salon AKS in New York City.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Bobby Pin

“I often tell women not to sacrifice their hair for a workout in a ponytail—all you really need are a few bobby pins to keep hair around the face from interfering with your workout. Bangs can especially benefit from being pulled to the side and clipped with a pin. I always keep one handy—I’ll slide it on my sleeve to make it easy to secure any loose hair pieces that come out during my workout,” says Susanna Romano, stylist co-owner of Salon AKS in New York City.

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