How do you find the right style to go with your glasses?

Check to see how the glasses affect your face shape, then the haircut should work around that. The process to achieving a great hairstyle starts with a properly proportioned haircut. In order for hair strands to fall into place perfectly, they must be cut perfectly. Hair should be cut according to the way it grows, that way strands can interlock with each other and allow for a graceful growing out of the cut.  This cutting method also allows for ease of style. If hair is cut the way it grows, it does not HAVE to be blow-dried to look good.  Next, hair must be cut in a proportion most flattering to your face shape. You want angles and layers that highlight your best features and diminish your least favorite and work with the angles your glasses create. For a great cut and personalized product recommendations come see a professional at Salon AKS.