Is it common when you run your hands through your hair that hair comes out? Alot of mine comes out, I'm scared I'm going bald!

Only you know, based on history, what is normal vs abnormal hair loss for you. It is normal to lose 100 hairs per day.  It is also normal to have periods of rapid hair loss followed by a period of rapid hair regrowth. If you feel that it is more than this, or if you notice hair loss from the scalp in circular patches, see a dermatologist or tricologist for treatment options. Good nutrition and scalp circulation are vital to healthy hair. Be sure you get enough stimulation to your scalp (i.e.: no tight ponytails or excessive wearing of hats). A daily hair and nail vitamin will also help to increase hair strength and vitality. We love: To promote new hair growth, regularly use Phytocyane Shampoo and Phytocyane Densifying Treatment. Visit Salon AKS anytime for a complimentary consultation with a hair expert.

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