My hair gets oily and I can't go a day without washing it. What do I do?

The less you wash your hair, the better it will be in the long run. Over washing your hair sends a message to the sebaceous glands that they need to produce more oil. Wash less and give your sebaceous glands some time to realize that they do not need to produce the amount of oil that they do. . Wash your hair with shampoo only 2-3x a week. The other days, rinse rinse rinse until the oil is off your scalp. Then condition only the ends. Additionally, seek out a shampoo which treats oily scalp and purchase a powder based dry shampoo. Use the dry shampoo on the days you are not using shampoo in the shower. Moroccan oil also makes an Oil control scalp serum that can be used as a scalp treatment 2x a week.

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