My hair is different textures in different parts of my head. How do I get it to look the same everywhere?

This hair texture is not that uncommon. Start with a haircut that features long layers and lots of face framing angles. If the weight of your hair is distributed properly, it will not be so difficult to manage. Because of the different textures, the cut should be managed according to how your hair reacts naturally in any one area. In this way, if you are not blowdrying your hair, you still achieve an even looking haircut.  Generally speaking, you are best using products that hydrate your hair as well as give hold. You may find this combination in a single product or you may have to cocktail 2-3 different products in your hands before applying it in your hair.  Do not skimp on product. You want to invest in professional products with high quality ingredients. Stop into Salon AKS at anytime for personalized product recommendations or visit Shop AKS.