To Lighten Your Color or To Not....

When you significantly lighten your hair from its natural state you risk hair breakage and loss of hydration and elasticity. In short, your hair could wind up blond but feel like Brillo. Second, dark hair, when lightened, pulls up a lot of red. So if you do intend to lighten it, be selective in whom you chose to do it for you. You want them to know what they are doing so that it doesn't wind up looking orange! Third, a dramatic change in color requires a lot of maintenance because your roots will be very obvious so you will need to get your color touched up every 3-4 weeks. If your serious about wanting lighter hair I would consider a heavy highlighting using the balyage technique.

After a hair lightening quality maintenance of your hair health is mandatory. We love: -  Hydrating Color Care Shampoo - Hydrating Color Care Conditioner - Secret De Nuit as a weekly treatment

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