"Cool sophistication, that's what I do!"

Ethiopian born Feven came to the U.S. at a young age to have the freedom of opportunity. Upon graduation from a top cosmetology school in Minneapolis, Feven moved to California to pursue her career as a colorist.

Getting started in Beverly Hills, CA Feven was inspired by many unique and beautiful people. Bringing this experience to New York City, she wanted to take color to a whole new level. Thus, Feven trained closely with A·K·S® colorists and now boasts her own growing clientele.

As a colorist, Feven’s main focus is for each client to have shiny, vibrant hair and great color whether it’s blond which perks up sun-kissed highlights, deeply brunette for shimmering rich multi-tones or passionately red for a truly vibrant effect.

Feven remains true to herself and her upbringing and takes pride in being genuine and honest. She strives to create, to inspire and to give consistently beautiful color to each of her clients.