“When your confident….. you can experiment and be brave with ideas about hair”.

It took Anya two years to develop her dream, come to the US and see it unfold. Her dream was to come to New York to do hair. Always experimenting with her own mane and her friend’s hairstyles, Anya developed a strong love for the art of hair. 

She started her journey at the Carsten Institute of Beauty; AKS was her first interview! They recognized her passion and the rest is history.

Working closely with the AKS team, Anya has built upon her repertoire of skills and developed her own signature style. Her inspiration derives from the ways people do hair in different cultures and countries. She combines the best elements and invents new styles and updos!

In addition, Anya has a talent for styling wigs.  She wears them herself and so knows firsthand the needs of her wig clientele. She gets that there are various reasons wigs are worn and thereby customizes each accordingly.  Go to the Salon AKS services page for more information on wigs.