Giving up a scholarship in forensic science to do hair, Hadar has never forgotten to remain perfectly detailed and thorough in all she does. Graduating from the Aveda Institute in 2006 Hadar spent some time searching for the perfect place to hang her hat.  Beginning at Ouidad Salon taught Hadar the specialized techniques used to style curly hair. Moving on to John Barett Salon,  Hadar tried her hand at coloring hair , learning all about tones and dimensions and what looks good. Landing at Salon AKS, Hadar has found her niche.  Her varied experience has taught her how hair reacts and why. She brings a whole new level of personalization to her blowouts as well as to the Brazilian Blowout. Each individual is customized according to their hair’s needs.

Added bonus: You won’t leave Hadar’s chair without getting a full play by play of how to care for your hair at home so you will look good days after having left the salon! She is highly sought after for her blowdry lessons and has worked in Phyto training classes to help guide stylists from all over the world on blowdrying techniques.

Hadar shares her curly hair tips with “As soon as you get out of the shower, pat — don’t rub — your hair. “Applying smoothing products while your hair is damp … keeps the cuticle down and frizz at bay,” explains Hadar Leibovitz,…your best bet is a leave-in conditioner….”

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