Zhen started his styling career at a very young age in China, coming to the United States to continue his profession in New York City's "Chinatown". In 2001, Zhen realized that he "wanted to work with American people". He decided to learn a new culture and language. Joining the team at Salon AKS was the beginning of this journey for him. Because of his devotion to his career, A·K·S® decided to pay his classes in ESL (English as second language) in order for him to communicate more efficiently with each client. Zhen appreciates all the support he received from the A·K·S® team, and is especially thankful to A·K·S® for helping him with the language barrier.

He is known for giving the perfect volume to fine and limp hair. Bringing Asian influences and upbringing in mind, Zhen works using precision haircutting combined with texturizing techniques to create edgy, modern looks that grow out beautifully!