Kathleen began making an impact in the field of hair color over twenty years ago. Throughout this time, she has become celebrated for her hundreds of loyal adherents. There are celebrities (Christie Brinkley, Julianna Margulies, Bette Midler, Gretchen Mol, Rickie Lauren and Heidi Klum, to name only a few) but also simply those women who come from across the country and around the world to see someone they know—and whom they know knows them.

Kathleen is an artist. She excels in natural-looking brunettes who want to incorporate bright, rich highlights. She works carefully with each client, learning the nuances of their complexion, the character of their hair—and even the fundamental nature of their personality. Her genius is in bringing out what the client sees herself to be, ideally.

Kathleen listens. She works closely with the stylists in the Salon. “I respect what the stylist is creating,” she says. “They build the foundation, and I am working to enhance that foundation. Making a match, and keeping the integrity of the original vision: this is what I find challenging. And fun.”

Kathleen has unique, extensive experience in media, too, as an author, a producer and an educator. She is the author of Beyond the Blonde, a book about the world on which she has a unique vantage point. She served as co-host for Plum TV’s Morning, Noon and Night show for two summers, where her work included beauty and fashion segments, as well as profiles of composer Itzhak Perlman and New Line Cinema’s Michael Lynne. And throughout her career Kathleen has dedicated time and energy to teaching younger colorists four times a week, an experience that has given her the ability to design classes and “perform” in front of a critical, and well-educated audience.

In addition to her work with the clients she has come to know and call close friends, Kathleen is above of all proud to be the mother of two young women, Jade and Cameron. Like so many other working mothers, she tries to balance business and home-life, and for this reason she has a unique understanding of all the accomplished women who come and sit in her chair.

No surprise to us, master colorist Kathleen Flynn-Hui is on Allure’s list for best colorist in NYC! Read on…and then book your appointment!